What We Use: ValetPress

Welcome to the first of many articles from us highlighting some of the services, and programs that we use on a daily basis to get things done around here. The first of which that we wanted to highlight was our open source project ValetPress.

When we’re in a pinch and need to setup WordPress quickly to test an issue for a customer and perform some troubleshooting, we make use of our in-house tool ValetPress.

ValetPress is an easy to use command line script to set up a new WordPress install in a matter of seconds. The original idea of ValetPress came from Aaron Rutley but was rewritten from the ground up to work better for our needs.

Our version of ValetPress allows not only for a vanilla WordPress install to be created in seconds but also allows for you to specify specific plugins to be installed/activated/deactivated upon setup to speed along the process even further.

We have not had the opportunity to test on other platforms outside of macOS but it should work on Linux with minimal effort, we encourage you to take a look and see if ValetPress can help you with your troubleshooting and development needs when it comes to WordPress!