SSL for everyone, with Let’s Encrypt!

Starting today, all managed WordPress hosted customers have SSL enabled on their sites!  Some of you may have already noticed that your site is already protected with an SSL certificate. (eg. The little lock icon in the address bar next to the domain name).

We did this as Google is set to start placing notices on sites that are not using SSL starting on Jan 1st, 2017. Microsoft as well as Mozilla have both stated they will be following suite on this as well all in order to make the web a safer place.

We figured that implementing free SSL for all of our managed WordPress hosting customers would come as an added bonus to the already fantastic hosting that we provide to you.  It should also help prevent any last minute scrambling to you as the date gets closer.

Wait, you are doing this for free?

Yup! we sure are!  Making use of the widely adopted service Let’s Encrypt we were able to roll out free SSL certificates to all current and future managed WordPress accounts. You may be wonlets-encyrpt-logo-widedering if there is anything that you need to do when it comes to SSL on your site, and the answer is NO! we have handled everything for you. The only known issue is for some customers that are running CloudFlare, as they will need to adjust the Crypto settings within the CloudFlare control panel and set the SSL option to “Full” in order to prevent any strange behavior between CloudFlare and your account with us.

Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns about the new SSL implementation on your site!