Google Suite

Google Suite LogoIf you are not familiar with Google Suite, think of it as Microsoft Outlook for your website.  It bundles not only email but Calendar, Contacts, etc.  With our Professional Managed WordPress Hosting plan we include 4 email accounts on your site via Google Suite.

When purchasing Google Suite on your own, which you are more than welcome to do with any of our plans it would cost you $5 per email account, as well as spending the time to set it all up which we take care of for you when signing up with us!

Utilizing Google Suite means that you can have [email protected] instead of having to use something like, or on your site which sometimes can look unprofessional, especially when running a legitimate business/eCommerce site.

If you are looking for more information about Google Suite have a look at their official site which will provide you with more than enough information to make a decision if using them is right for you!

And as always if you have further questions for us, please reach out to us as we are here to help!