(re)Introducing ValetPress

When it comes to setting up a local WordPress install on your machine to test out a theme, plugin or to troubleshoot a hack or bug it can either be time-consuming or over complicated so we wanted to simplify that process and there where ValetPress came in.

The original idea and name of the script came from Aaron Rutley who developed the script originally. ¬†I had a good working relationship with Aaron so using the same name was not an issue since he will likely end up rolling some of the new script into his own which he has slacked on updating ūüėČ

Anyways back to the script, it helps to create a new WordPress install on your local machine (In this case only tested on my Mac Mini and MacBook Air, but could likely work fine on any Linux system and possibly newer versions of Windows) in a matter of seconds rather than spending time setting up Vagrant, MAMP, etc.

The script itself which works great still has a bunch of features that I plan to add to expand its usage across the board.  Overall its pretty simple and uses Laravel Valet, and WP-CLI to automate some of the site creation processes so you can get to work quicker instead of setting up the environment.

So if you are looking to set up a local WordPress install with minimal effort¬†visit the ValetPress Github, install it and leave some feedback so that I can improve on it. ¬†This is one of the many ways I plan on giving back to the community. And also if you are wanting to create something of your own like this Aaron’s¬†script is a GREAT starting point.